Here’s the thing. These are not answers to any questions that have been asked, frequently or otherwise. This is my disclaimer section, my fine print, my void-where-prohibited area. And this is me, stalling.

I believe that I am compelled to write. I have always felt that way, but I worked just about as hard as I could to convince myself otherwise. I don’t know when it happened, but I decided to retire from that job. The pay was crappy, the hours were long, and the benefits included self-loathing supplemented by bouts of aimlessness and despair.

Here is my truth:

I am a Christian. A friend once said, “Yeah I knew you were Christian but I didn’t know you were  that  Christian.” I’m still trying to figure out what that means, along with about a million other things.

I am in the midst of divorce. Alien-from-Mars /slash/ midst-of-divorce. Each one seems equally possible.

I am someone who experienced years of infertility and numerous miscarriages.

Along with that trifecta, I am also happy. Some days I want to add an asterisk to that statement and other days I write it down just so I can dramatically crumple it up and fling it across the room. But overall, I choose to be happy. Which is not at all the same as always feeling happy. This site will chronicle many aspects of that spectrum.

Sometimes you’ll see items about grief and loss, as those are some of the things I’m working on – both in my soul and in my writing. I’m finding those two things – my soul and my writing – are not easy to separate. I’m also finding that I’m really, really okay with that.