Pin Cycle

Remember that scene in The Lion King where –


You’ve seen The Lion King, right?

I mean, it’s kind of a requirement of life, you know. I’m suddenly completely distracted by the fact that you might’ve somehow gotten through your life thus far and for whatever unfortunate reason, have found yourself on this page without having completed this rite of passage.

So if you could just do me a favor and go watch it first, and then come back, I’d really appreciate it. K thanks.

So you remember that scene in The Lion King where (if you’re still here and haven’t seen the movie, then you deserve any spoilers you get.)

That part where Nala and Simba are romping around and Nala flips Simba on his back and squeals, “Pinned ya!”

He’s mortified, of course, and seconds later, she adds injury to insult with another equally impressive move as they tumble down a hill and she says, “Pinned ya again!”


I love that scene, and because my mind is a steel trap, it’s the first thing I thought of the day I fell into the rabbit hole known as Pinterest. At first, I didn’t get it.  After wandering the boards for a while, I concluded that I was Pinterest-impaired.

Weeks later, for whatever the reason, the veil was lifted (by the way, I have 37 eco-friendly tricks for getting that veil sparkling white again) and I suddenly found myself knowing words like upcycle and repurpose. I felt compelled to bake delicious rustic tarts, build a bookshelf out of wine crates and transform an old dresser drawer into a beautiful little fairy garden. I entered the pin cycle with a vengeance and lo and behold, today the rabbit hole took me through a romp in the jungle that led me to the exact picture of Nala and Simba I’ve had in mind all this time.

Sure, the trail led me by countless adorable puppies, tons of crock-pot casserole recipes and numerous ways to organize my garage. But today Pinterest came full circle and left me with hakuna matata. (Go.  Watch.  The Movie.)

I can totally see Rafiki getting hooked on Pinterest. I’m going to go follow his Meditation board right now.

What about you? Are you Pinterested in the same ways? Or perhaps you’re un-Pinterested to the point where you don’t know what I’m talking about. Either way, feel free to check out my random boards, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about the rabbit hole.


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