Green Monster

Again and again I find myself feeling pinched by feelings of envy and jealousy.  My beloved Spartans notwithstanding, green is not a pretty color on me.

Sure, I’ve often had twinges of, “Gee, that would be nice…” when I hear of or see a blessing come into a friend’s life.  But lately I have allowed this to grow to depths that come out more like a petulant child whose mother gives her a smaller cookie than her sibling.

I can almost see my baby-Christian-self stomp her foot and wail, “No fair!”

I must remember that in general, fairness doesn’t have much of a home in the life of a Christian.  At least not in terms of envy and jealousy, which must be called out for what it is, a sin.  With regard to fairness, I am called to work for justice and equity for others, not to roll my eyes and sputter when I hear that someone is getting a raise or has sold their house.

God, help me see the ways in which I neglect my own blessings when I see others who have life experiences or “things” which I desire.  Help me to express gratitude for the blessings they encounter and to pray for the obstacles in their life, of which I am often unaware.  Guide me to the truth of being thankful for the many blessings I have and the knowledge that no matter what, I am loved by you completely.


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