I Earned My First Badge

badgeIt wasn’t good news; in fact, it was bad news. An out and out rejection, in e-mail form. It was my first and I know it won’t be my last. Rejection is a realistic requirement for what I’m trying to do. I could focus on the fact that it is long overdue but my reaction has been quite the opposite.

I’m wearing the rejection as a badge of honor.

I put myself out there. That is a big fat hairy deal for me. One to be recognized, celebrated even. (Okay let’s not get crazy here, said the introvert who is just barely dipping her toe in the pool.)

I pitched an idea. I got shot down. I survived. More than survived, I’m strongly motivated to try again. It’s like climbing to the top of the sledding hill. It takes more energy than I think it will and then halfway down the hill, as I’m all clenched and wobbly, I can’t wait to get to the bottom because I know I can climb up again and do better next time.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be clenched and wobbly next time too but I’m surprised to find how much I actually enjoy the climb.

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