An Open Letter to Private Letters

A few months ago, I stumbled upon The Reject Pile, one of those rabbit-hole moments when I had no idea how I got there. I laughed myself silly at a couple of posts and before I knew it, I was railing on about The Open Letter. That ubiquitous form of communication that gives people permission to say things they’d never say in person. Sharp-edged “truths” sandwiched politely between “Dear” and “Sincerely” can’t hurt anyone, right?

Dear Private Letters,

I’m outing you. Like it or not, I’m ripping open the handwritten envelope with the actual stamp on it — the one with a return address of a real person — and I’m pulling you out into the open. You think you’re so fancy with your personal salutation and your specific sentiments. As if communicating with a person one-on-one suggests more of a relationship. More intimacy. More connection. Please.


Join me at The Reject Pile and read how I got my sarcastic snark on about The Open Letter.


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