Hidden, not lost

Five Minute Friday means writing for five minutes on the word of the week. It’s meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.

This makes my eye twitch but I do it anyway. This week’s word is hidden.


Sometimes I think I confuse the word “hidden” with the word or concept of being “lost” but hidden is much more consciously done. When I hide something, it’s usually to protect my pride.

I hide my feelings so that others don’t think I’m weak or needy or moody or whatever. I hide the fact that I don’t know things by just avoiding certain conversations.

But when I think about hiding things, it’s usually all of the negative stuff. The stuff that makes me feel embarrassed or ashamed or like I don’t measure up to the standard I see others exceeding.

Comparisolampn. It really is the thief of joy. But hiding something isn’t just for the negative. How often do I hide the positives? For fear of standing out. Of being in the spotlight. Of trying to showcase something about myself that I do well. The stereotype of hiding a lamp under a basket.

I don’t think I necessarily hide a lamp under a basket, I just rarely turn the lamp on. I leave it off and think, “hmm, I really need to light that lamp, it’s been dark for a long time.”




1 thought on “Hidden, not lost”

  1. I can so relate. I’m an introvert who wrestled with low self-esteem for many years. Heck, truth be told it’s still a battle. I find myself choosing not to share my accomplishments so that I won’t bring attention to myself or as you stated evade some opportunities for fear that I may not measure up. I am finding my confidence in God little by little. I pray that you do the same. Thanks for the piece.

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