“Whoever has ears, let them hear.”

There are so many clichés for when something happens unexpectedly. It can come from out of the blue and it can feel as though the rug was pulled out from under you. It can be something you never saw coming and it can happen in the blink of an eye.

All I can say is: preach.

A few days ago, I experienced Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss. In other words, I literally woke up half-deaf. The cause is overwhelmingly unknown, but is thought to be triggered by a virus or circulatory system deficit in the inner ear.

A hearing test and appointment with an ENT confirmed that I’ve lost 80% of the hearing in my right ear. Just by opening my eyes at 7 am. three days ago. I mean, how random is that?

The only known treatment is evil. Steroids. And I’m struggling with the side effects, beginning with the dose that was administered by injection directly into my ear. “Ouch” doesn’t begin to cut it.

But through it all, I’ve been surprisingly calm. I’m trusting that God’s got this and I’m trusting in the process of the treatment plan. The doctor says he thinks I’ll regain some of my hearing, maybe even most of it, but is doubtful I’ll get back to 100%. Oh yeah, and I have to have an MRI to rule out a tumor. Minor detail. Okay so maybe I’m a little nervous.

I told a couple of friends who were very supportive and I realized I needed to share it with my church family, at least in the form of a prayer request. The response I’ve received from friends in caring e-mails and texts has been the (I knew I’d make it eventually, even with just 40 seconds to go) has been the LIFT  I didn’t fully realize I needed.

There is strength in community. There is a zone I can slip into while I struggle with this and I can settle in, catch their draft, and draw upon their strength when I need it. Even when it’s hard for me to ask for it. And it’s hard for me to ask for it all the damn time.

I woke up three days ago, and for whatever reason was asked to lift this load for however long it takes. Thank you God that, although it felt like I had to lift it alone, I do not have to carry it alone.

I wrote this as part of a lovely tribe of writers for Five Minute Friday.
Five minutes, one writing prompt, zero editing. Just write.

7 thoughts on ““Whoever has ears, let them hear.””

  1. Patricia, I do pray your hearing will be restored. I suffer with Tinnitus and it has grossly affected my hearing. And, one more thing, I love Isaiah 30.21 #FMF visit


  2. Patricia, what a blow. I have fuchs corneal dystrophy and I’ve read that you can just wake up and not be able to see. The thought of that reality is scary. I can only imagine your experience. But God! This didn’t catch him by surprise. I’m glad that you have a community of believers to walk through this difficult time with you. May God grant you peace and comfort. May the Holy Spirit bring passages to your remembrance that with LIFT you in your time of need. Bless you!



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