This I Believe: My Part in God’s Story


I’m honored to be at ALTARWORK today, sharing in the spirit of NPR – This I Believe.

I believe Jesus died to pull us back into the pages of God’s original story for us. God gives us the freedom to do as we please with the story. We can cross out the parts we don’t like. We can rip out all the pages and burn them. Or we can make ourselves the main character, which is what I do sometimes.

In my selfishness, I begin to think that I can write the book on my own. Oh sure it’s easy to give God a good mention in the introduction and include Him in a few chapter headings: College, Career, Marriage. And when things get tough, I’m always ready to hand back the torn pages upon which I’ve scribbled, hoping that God will magically smooth out my papers and return them to me, a fresh clean slate.




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