For the Love of Chika

If you’re from Michigan, you know who Mitch Albom is. The same way you know Bob Seger, Vernors and how to pronounce Mackinac. Think Mitch, and a progression of thoughts come without trying. Freep. Sports. Columns. Morrie.

Inevitably, Tuesdays with Morrie.

After that it’s hard to know how much more explanation, if any, is needed. Recognition snowballs exponentially and he is The Writer So-and-So Loves. The Guy Whose Books Got Made Into the Movies. The One Who Writes What Everyone Reads.

And now, that list is forever topped:  Chika’s Dad.

Chika’s story wiJennifer Hambrick, Special to the Free Pressll take more than a few minutes to read. It will be time well spent, I promise. This story may will make you cry. But it is also filled with hope, life, love and joy. It will expand your definition of Family to include those who find their way into your life and your heart as a result of the most unlikely things. Like earthquakes and hospitals and princess dresses.

“And that,” Chika’s Dad says, “is how a family was born.”


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