The Solid Place

While I’ve always liked the idea of a devotional, I never seem to get out of it what I hope to. I start out strong and then I miss a few days, or become overwhelmed by all of the information and I end up either not finishing it or not really taking much from what I read. The Solid Place by Margot Starbuck is the first devotional I can honestly see myself consistently using for months, and even years.

Starbuck’s “365 Affirmations for Thriving Emotionally and Spiritually” are organized into short, daily pieces of encouragement and truth. Because each affirmation is concentrated, I am able to focus on one specific positive assertion throughout the day and let it really sink in as I go about my day. Each affirmation is a truth about God that we all continue to need to hear:

  • God sees you.
  • God is here for you.
  • His truth and love can be trusted.
  • His grace can set you free from your past.
  • There is nothing that can separate you from God or make Him stop loving you.

Following each daily affirmation is a corresponding Scripture that strengthens each statement and backs up each truth. The Solid Place is a book that will help everyone—regardless of where you are on your faith walk—be able to grow in your relationship with God, with others, and with yourself.

“…Even when all is not as I would choose it to be… you and I have all we need to thrive, emotionally and spiritually, when we choose to live from the solid place.”

Margot Starbuck, The Solid Place


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